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GALLERY 8--originally for sale August 2013
Crickets in a box (2)

14 moves. Size: 2 1/8" x 3" x 3 5/8"
Made of ziricote, gaboon ebony, cocobola, olive wood, tulip wood, lignum vitae, brass inlay with gaboon ebony, and etching filled with white epoxy resin. Lacquer finish.

This is a maze puzzle where the path was derived from the phrase "crickets in a box". That is the solution phrase and so the puzzle has 14 moves. The puzzle is decorated with brass inlay and the japanese characters for "crickets" are etched into the wood. Besides the lid that opens at the end of the sequence, there is also a hidden window panel that opens to the inside. There is a piece of glass in this window which allows light to go in but blocks any physical entry. Inside is a pair of light activated crickets that will chirp when exposed to light. When the box is opened or this window panel is opened, the crickets will begin chirping. The crickets are removable. This is the second of two copies that were made.


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