Our puzzles are hand-made and consist mainly of wood interlocking puzzles and wood sequential movement puzzle boxes, and range in size from 2 1/4" square to 3" x 3" x 6". We use various hardwoods and also reclaimed woods when possible. The arrangement of the wood and brass inlay is unique for each puzzle.

A pin and groove system is used for the movement of the pieces in the sequential movement puzzle boxes which allows for a smooth movement of the pieces and also a maze-like movement pattern with various dead ends and traps to keep one from getting to the end where the lid comes off. In some cases, the sheer number of moves makes it complicated and requires a dedicated comittment of time to get the puzzle open. (We make a 3546 move puzzle!) Most of our puzzles also have gravity pins that lock various pieces depending upon which side of the puzzle is up or down.

Want to get a sense of how our puzzles work? Try to solve this one by clicking on various pieces of the puzzle on the right to reveal the secret chamber hidden inside.